7 WONDERS OF MINE (3rd Prize of #momtripelba competition)

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This is the post winning the 3rd Prize at #momtripelba competition. The author is Alessandro Bertini. You may know more about him looking at his blog Girovagate.

Take me to my beach“! Just like the refrain of an All Saints’ song, soundtrack of an (un)forgettable film with Leonardo di Caprio, “the place where I love to be” is a pure shore. In every season, at whatever latitude. It doesn’t matter if there’s sand or rocks, stones or pebbles. I think I always have had a true, intensive, deep passion for it: the soft touch of the sand under my feet and the smell of the saltiness rising up from the tide simply make me happy 🙂 Since when I was a child I used to stay all day long in the sandy beach of Igea Marina, on the Adriatic Riviera, during my family’s holidays, a couple of weeks. In that time “beach” meant playing bowls, rackets and soccer or building something similar to a sand castle (this kind of sculptures was not “my way”…). Sometimes my father took me from my legs and traced a path with my back for small glass balls competions….! Growing up this feeling with the beach and the sea didn’t stop and together with my girlfriend I have seen several wonderful places wandering around our wonderful Italy and sometimes around the world 🙂

Wich one I love the most? Everyone, I swear.

We prefer the solitary beaches, far away from the the crowd. Those ones you cannot find easily. Anyway…. I actually love them all!

I was at the seventh sky where I saw for the first time the colors of Cuba

(Varadero beach)
and didn’t imagine how amazing could be the wildness of Portugal.

(Praia do Guincho –  endless autumn)
Croatia! Lot of small beaches, clear waters.

Would you like laying on the beach and catching tan near a… cow? It is possible, in Corsica.

(Lodo, desert of Agriates)

Red Sea: swimming with coloured fishes is indescribable….

(Abu Dabab – Gigi Ibrahim)
And what about the immaculate beaches of Ireland?

(Dingle peninsula)
Porto Badisco in Apulia, the mythical landing place of Enea… spectacular! But better going there off season.

(Porto Badisco – loloieg)

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