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  1. Aurora Domeniconi says

    Wow, such nce suggestions on what to do in Brussels!
    I have been there for two months in 2004, I was doing research for my BA thesis and spent most of my time at NATO headquarters. I had nevertheless the chance to go around and discover the city, as well as some beautiful sites not far from it such as the fascinating Bruges and the historic Waterloo. I am not sure, but it may be that I walked on Galerie Loiuse once: I perfectly remember the shops of the most famous brands!
    I hope to come back one day to refresh my memories of a city I immediately liked.
    Thanks to both Lavinia for her wonderful guide through Brussels, and Silvia for she always hosts very interesting stories.
    All the best!

  2. Lavinia says

    Hi Aury,
    Thank you for your kind comments. You are welcome and if you ever come to Brussels, please let me know, and I will show you some other interesting places as well. Best wishes, Lavinia

  3. silviaceriegi says

    I hope too, I’ll visit Brussels soon. I was there more than 15 years go. Since I was a littel chemist as well, I enjoyed very much the Atomium…terrible. Visiting the city with adult eyes will be more interesting.
    Aury, I was in Waterloo too: grass with a Napoleon statue…nothing more…

  4. Lavinia says

    Hi Silvia, I would be very happy to take you to some secret lovely places here. I like the forest by the Atomium as well. See you here! Lavinia

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