With a budget Salzburger experience I won a Kasia Dietz handbag

During september I took part to the Budget Traveller's launch competition. We should write in less than 100 words about a budget travel experience.

That was mine:

I had a very budget experience in Salzburg (Austria), buying for 34 euros the 48 hours “Salzburg Card”. I could go for free in the many museums and palaces of Salzburg, including both Mozart's houses. I could enjoy the town view from the high of the Hohensalzburg fortress and relax with the cruise along the Salzach river. Hellbrunn palace and tricks fountains guided tour were also included. Buying in many shops I could also have a 50% discount on parking fee. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time for the Stiegl brewery to get a free beer.

Some weeks ago Kash Bhattacharya aka BudgetTraveller wrote me that i won the 4th prize: a Kasia Dietz handbag.

So, I got in touch with Kasia. She's an interesting newyorker designer. She lives in Paris, has an italian husband and she travel blogs too.

Some days ago I received at my home a nice Kasia's original bag

It was a new and funny experience for me: I got in touch with Kash and Kasia, two very interesting people and travellers and won a beautiful handbag too. Something more with 100 words?

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